We see more than cats and dogs.

Exotic pet care in Rogers, AR.

We love caring for animals with fur and scales.

We provide compassionate veterinary care for exotic pets in Rogers, AR.

FORTY32 Animal Hospital treats dogs and cats, but we also help various other animals. We currently care for rabbits, rodents, reptiles, and avian pets.

Smaller pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice have particular nutritional and environmental needs. Many people discover that having an exotic pet is a significant commitment since food requirements, light cycles, temperatures, and humidity levels are very specific. We provide education, wellness care, and medical attention if your pet becomes sick or wounded at FORTY32 Animal Hospital.

If your exotic pet is acting strange, not eating, drinking, or lethargic, we recommend taking them in for a check right away. When they start to exhibit mild symptoms of disease, they are frequently far more severe than they appear. It’s critical to catch your pet’s sicknesses early if you want the best chance of treating them successfully.